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Leather Motorcycle Trousers


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Protecting the lower half of the body is extremely important for any rider, it is the closest part of you to the road and therefore very vulnerable making motorcycle trousers an essential part of any riders protective wear. Protective trousers are available in a range of styles and designs, and for some riders a pair of leather motorcycle trousers are the perfect choice of protective wear. A good quality pair of leather motorcycle trousers will more than likely last much longer than a textile pair, the durability of the material means they are certainly a long term investment. Depending on the quality, a pair of leather trousers will provide a good level of waterproof protection from the elements which is great for those out on long rainy rides. However to maintain a high level of waterproofing, leather motorcycle trousers may well need additional maintenance over time. For those looking for comfort, a pair of leather trousers provide flexibility and soft feel which is extremely popular with many riders. Here at JW Groombridge we stock a number of high quality leather trousers, from leading brands such as RST meaning that many of our customers find exactly what they are after. We always put customer satisfaction at the top of our agenda, and so if you have any questions or queries about finding the perfect pair of leather motorcycle trousers our friendly team of experts are on hand to help.

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