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Motorcycle Jackets

As with all forms of protective motorcycle clothing, motorcycle jackets are an essential when it comes to being safe on the road and here at JW Groombridge Motorcycles we stock a wide range. Motorcycle Jackets are designed to protect you upper body from any abrasions in the case of an accident, as well as a general added layer of comfort on your rides. Motorcycle jackets are available in a number of options, some of the most common being textile, gore-tex and leather varieties. Most Motorcycle jackets feature high quality padding in some of the most high impact areas, such as elbows and shoulders, others will have additional strength around the back, chests and joints. Each type of motorcycle jacket offers slightly different styles, fits and functionalities, giving the individual rider a wider range of choice in finding the perfect fit. For those who find themselves facing the elements on a fairly regular basis, it might be worth looking into a waterproof option to make those long rides more enjoyable. Here at JW Groombridge Motorcycles we stock a range of high quality motorcycle jackets from a number of leading brands including Dainese, Buffalo, RST, Richa, Furygan and WOLF. If you require any help or assistance in finding the right motorcycle jacket for you, our friendly team of experts are always on hand.

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