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Kevlar / Aramid Motorcycle Trousers and Jackets

Staying protected on the road is something that all riders simply must have at the forefront of their minds, and finding the right pair of protective motorcycle trousers is one way to help ensure this. Sometimes leather or textile trousers are not exactly what a rider is looking for, and so a great alternative is Kevlar/ Aramid jackets and trousers. These extremely hard wearing and protective fabrics make for the perfect materials with which to make high quality protective motorcycle clothing, and have proven very popular for many years. Both Kevlar and Aramid are heat resistant and very strong synthetic fibres, used in a number of protective garments meaning that Kevlar/ Aramid jackets and trousers are incredibly effective types of motorcycle clothing. Many people looking to purchase Kevlar/ Aramid jackets and trousers are interested in purchasing a pair of hardwiring motorcycle jeans, as they can make for a more comfortable ride. With a wide range of different jean styles available it can also mean that the rider is able to accommodate their own style more freely, which is an important part of making an enjoyable ride. Here at JW Groombridge we stock a range of Kevlar/ Aramid jackets and trousers from leading brands such as Wolf and Richa meaning that many of our customers find exactly what they are after. We always put customer satisfaction at the top of our agenda, and so if you have any questions or queries about finding the perfect Kevlar/ Aramid jackets and trousers our friendly team of experts are on hand to help.

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