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Motorbike Helmets & Visors


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Wearing a motorcycle helmet is more than just a safety option, it is a legal requirement and one that could very well be lifesaving should the unthinkable happen on a ride. A good quality motorcycle helmet really can be a lifesaver whilst riding out on the roads. Upon impact, such as in the event of a crash, a motorcycle helmet will absorb the impact energy as it hits the ground instead of the head directly, which can be crucial in preventing brain damage. So when its comes to choosing the right one for you, here at JW Groombridge Motorcycles our friendly team of motorcycle helmet experts are on hand to point you in the right direction and to ensure that you will be correctly protected. 

Our extensive stock of motorcycle helmets boasts a range of leading brands including: Shark , Shoei, AGV, AraI, Caberg, HJC and Spada. The most important thing in selecting a new Helmet is the fit on your head. We are all individuals and everyone’s head is different so it is strongly recommended that you visit our store to try various models and sizes and with the help of our well-trained staff get a helmet that fits you well and serves you best for your style of bike and your riding pattern. When you are wearing a Helmet it is important that the fit is sufficiently comfortable that you will not be conscious of it when riding allowing you to pay full attention to the road and other traffic around you. This is especially important for less experienced riders. 
Among our brands, Arai and Shoei offer custom fitting and our staff are trained to change certain parts of the Helmet’s interior in order to give you a perfect fit. Taking care of your Helmet is also key to keeping it in good condition; for example customers are advised not to keep their gloves in their helmets as any road dirt or grease can leak to the helmet’s interior which can lead to damaging the interior such that the helmet might not give maximum protection in the case of an impact.

There are a number of main styles of Helmet offered, the most common being a Full Face model which as the description implies, give you full face protection including a visor. Included in many models are internal sun visors in addition to the main visor to allow a quick transition to a dark lens especially useful when riding through wooded roads where you are moving rapidly from sunshine to shade. Some riders look for a Flip front or system helmet which can easily change from Full Face to Open Face to allow ease of talking to fellow riders and pillions without removing the Helmet. Some of these models are described as dual homologated which means that they have been tested for use as both a Full Face and an Open face. This would allow you to ride with your helmet in the Open position for slower riding or very warm conditions.

Open Face helmets are typically described as suitable for more Classic, cruiser and retro style bikes but would not be recommended for fast riding or track use. There are a wealth of features in the latest models and for the best solution it is important to come into the store to find out more of the features and benefits of each model including how the materials used to make the Helmet affects weight, comfort and longevity, fastening methods, ventilation and noise reduction. The reputable brands of Helmets we stock offer will help you maintain your product and both Arai and Shoei offer a free annual service and clean for models bought from us. Recent reports published in the motorcycle press have covered the importance of getting Helmets that fit properly, that they are within their recommended life span; about 5 – 7 years and that they are genuine and not Chinese copies. Rest assured ALL our helmets come directly from the relevant UK agent for the manufacturer.  

Here at JW Groombridge Motorcycles we stock a wide range of motorcycle helmets to choose from, all of which are competitively priced and of the highest quality. If you see something you like, we offer free delivery to all UK mainland postcodes when you spend £50. Our customer service and satisfaction remains unrivalled in the local area and so if you are looking to buy a new motorcycle helmet to complete your kit, rest assured our team will help you find the perfect fit.


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