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Fender Extensions

Whilst we all know that Investing in a motorcycle can bring a world of enjoyment and fond memories,  it can also involve a great deal of time, money and effort to keep it looking and functioning as best it can, which is why so many people choose to use fender extensions.  It is the wheels of a motorcycle that are most likely to deflect debris and other road material back up towards the mechanics of the bike. With tyres being the part of the motorcycle within direct contact with the road, it is important to invest in fender extensions to help protect valuable components from damage. Depending on the bikes make and model, and of course,  the preferences of the rider, fender extensions are available in a number of different styles and shapes so there should be something to suit each rider. Fender extensions are also useful for keeping the front of the bike clean by reducing the amount of dirt, grime and small stones that cause nothing but a headache when it comes to cleaning them off. Investing in fender extensions doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it is certainly an investment that will bring big returns for years to come. Here at JW Groombridge we stock a range of the highest quality fender extensions from leading brands such as Pyramid that are carefully designed with the rider in mind.  We always put customer satisfaction at the top of our agenda, and so if you have any questions or queries about finding the right fender extensions our friendly team of experts are on hand to help.

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