Shoei NXR2 - Basalt Grey

Shoei NXR2 – Basalt Grey

Using their vast knowledge of helmet development, Shoei have concentrated on pure performance for their latest full-face helmet. Experience the raw feeling of bike riding without distraction with a helmet developed to meet the latest ECE22/06 certification.

All helmets require high safety performance – Shoei Premium helmets not only offer outstanding shock absorption, but also class leading aerodynamics, outstanding visibility, optimised ventilation, and soft comfort liner, all within a compact lightweight shell.

The NXR2 is defined as a new premium sports full face helmet and includes all these features.

LIGHTWEIGHT COMPACT DESIGN – Lightest SHOEI ECE22/06 standard certified product.
COMPACT DESIGN – Adopting a new shield system and following the characteristic side cut line inherited from NXR, a compact lightweight shell has been achieved.
OPTIMISED VENTILATION PERFORMANCE – Improved ventilation and enlarged outlet guarantee fresh air flow throughout the helmet.
QUIETNESS – Improved visor beading, and new cheek and ear padding has helped improve wind noise performance.
VISOR SYSTEM – Newly developed locking visor system – including PINLOCK EVO lens. Easily attachable and detachable, and with improved vision due to new PINLOCK PIN placement.
MOISTURE ABSORBTION QUICK-DRY INTERIOR FABRIC – Advanced fabric with high moisture absorption and quick dry performance.

Q.R.S. – It can be very hard for a third person to remove a helmet from a rider after an accident. Our E.Q.R.S system allows for safe removal of the helmet by pulling the red tabs to release the cheek padding
SHELL IN AIM – Organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity
EPS-LINER SYSTEM WITH DIFFERENT DENSITIES – Optimised protection through EPS elements with different shock absorbing levels. The NXR2 EPS liner features a multi-density construction. The EPS consists of 2 separate layers of different hardness which absorb energy effectively during an accident. The liner also features channels to route and exhaust airflow and moisture through the helmet.
CWR-F2 VISOR SYSTEM – With Pinlock® antifog system
DOUBLE D-RING – Easy to use, always perfectly adjusted

AERO SHAPE – SHOEI has a large-scale wind tunnel test facility. Data obtained from research and development is reliably used to improve new models – the NXR2 is no exception
SHELL SIZE / COMPACT DESIGN – The NXR2 has 4 independent shell sizes to ensure a correctly fitted helmet can be achieved (Shell sizes XXS-S, M, L, XL-XXL)

To reduce rider fatigue from wind noise the NXR2 features a newly developed aero shape and airtight shield. The new inner lining has been designed to reduce noise penetration by offering better fitting cheek, and ear padding.

A comfortable fit is essential for sports riding and the NXR2 inherits a similar system to the NXR, the cheek pads are a new design while keeping the characteristic shell-side cut line shape. The liner is produced in a soft quick dry brushed material which is effective at sweat absorption.

4 DIFFERENT OUTER SHELL CONSTRUCTIONS – For perfect fit and compact dimensions 1) XXS-S, 2) M, 3) L, 4) XL-XXL
DETACHABLE AND WASHABLE 3D-CENTRE PAD – For pleasant wearing comfort
DETACHABLE AND WASHABLE CHEEK PADS – For better care and individual adjustment
DETACHABLE CHIN STRAP COVER – Easy to maintain and clean

NXR2 is equipped with the newly developed “CWRF2” shield that features a 2-dimensional surface shape suitable for performance riding. The curvature and thickness of the visor provide enhanced visual performance by reducing distortion and providing a clear view. In addition, the shield features a new locking mechanism in the lower centre of the visor which has been designed to reduce the risk of accidental opening during high-speed riding. The shield base plate has also been redesigned to make fine adjustment easier. PINLOCK®EVO lens is supplied as standard to reduce misting in low temperature and rain. Vision has been improved by relocating the PINLOCK pins away from the eye port to greatly improve lateral field of vison.

The newly developed CWR-F2 shield is compatible with the new DKS-304 type PINLOCK®EVO lens. Ribs are provided both on the top and bottom to increase rigidity, and the shield features a Vortex Generator on the side to improve aerodynamic performance and reduce wind noise. The shield tab is installed in the centre to reduce shape deflection and to offer a smoother operation. The locking mechanism features a push button to release.

Equipped with a new larger forehead vent and intakes on the left and right side provide efficient air flow in a sport riding position. Air is effectively discharged from an enlarged rear exhaust vent which also provides a spoiler effect.

MULTIPLE VENTING AND EXTRACTION – For optimum ventilation performance
INLETS AT THE CHIN AND FOREHEAD – Fresh air supply guaranteed

Breathguard – F
Chin curtain – D
PINLOCK® EVO lens – DKS-304

This Helmet is supplied with a Clear Visor and a Clear Pinlock® Insert as Standard.