Shoei J-Cruise 2 – Black

One of the most advanced open face helmets on that market has received a big upgrade, with the new Shoei J-Cruise II. This new premium touring helmet is one of leading options available regarding fit, weight and comfort.

AIM multi composite fibre outer shell
3 size outer shell (XS+S+M /L/ XL+XXL)
Eligible for Shoei Personal Fitting System
Prepared for Sena SRL1/SRL2 communication system

The outer shell of the new J-Cruise II is made from Shoei’s patented AIM multi fibre material. This material is built up from fibreglass and organic fibres and it is rock solid, but it remains compact. The outer shell comes in 3 different sizes, to ensure you will always be wearing the smallest possible helmet – which is a big advantage for the weight and the comfort of the helmet.

The Shoei J-Cruise 2 has a large thermoplastic shaped visor (CJ-2), thanks to this it has a lot more shape than a regular visor would have. The rib at the bottom of the shield increases rigidity and minimizes entrainment. The window beading (window rubber) adopts an air tight sealing that is superior in adhesion and durability from the conventional double lip structure. Excellent sealing performance has been achieved.

The visor may not have changed, but the base plates on the helmet have. It’s now possible to put the visor in a slight ventilation notch, a feature that was missing on the previous version of the J-Cruise II.

Riding heat is directly linked to rider fatigue. Ventilation performance that ventilates the inside of the helmet and relieves heat is a very important factor that riders demand for helmets.
J-Cruise II conducted repeated wind tunnel experiments with its own large wind tunnel test facility, and thoroughly investigated ventilation performance.
The upper air intake has one intake hole, and the amount of wind flowing into the helmet is 30% higher than the previous model. In addition, the top outlet verified various part shapes and verified the shape with the highest exhaust efficiency. As a result, the number of outlet holes was the same as the previous model, but the displacement was improved by more than 20%.

(Comparison of reference values measured at our large wind tunnel experimental facility)

The wind equivalent to 100km / h is blown and the amount of wind taken from the upper air intake of the conventional models J-Cruise and J-Cruise II is measured. Compared with conventional products, the inflow of J-Cruise II increased 1.3 times.
* Comparison of reference values measured with our large wind tunnel experimental facility.

The shape of the center inside the top air outlet has been verified with a variety of large-scale wind tunnel equipment, and the shape with the highest ventilation effect has been adopted. (Patent pending).

Just like with the Neotec & GT-Air 2, the J-Cruise has a specific preparation for the SRL1 & SRL2 communication systems by Sena. Both systems fit seamlessly into this helmet, thanks to this you will not be disturbing the flow of the design or the aerodynamics. The sun visor is 5mm longer than its predecessor and it has the characteristics of a good pair of sunglasses.
Of course, the Shoei J-Cruise 2 can be custom fitted thanks to the patented ‘Shoei Personal Fitting System’.

AIM multi-fibre compact outer shell
3 outer shell sizes
EPS inner shell built up in different densities
Clear CJ-2 thermoplastic shaped visor
Renewed sun visor with qualities of sunglasses
Pinlock Evo prepared visor
Shoei stainless steel micro ratchet chin strap
3D ‘wrap around the head’ interior
Interior is removable and washable
Prepared for Sena SRL1/SRL2 communication system
Eligible for Shoei Personal Fitting System
Multiple ventilation inlets/outlets
Integrated spoiler for improved aerodynamics
‘Ducktail’ diffuser
ECE 22.05 approved

This Helmet is supplied with a Clear Visor as Standard.

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.