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Shoei GT-Air 3 – Realm TC10

As SHOEI’s premium touring full face helmet with an inner sun visor, the GT-Air series has been supported by many riders for its convenience, aggressive and sophisticated styling, along with Shoei’s exclusively designed communication system. The GT-Air 3, while inheriting the design that symbolizes the series, has been improved by Shoei enhancing the performance and functional aspects while conforming to the new ECE R22/06 standard.

In pursuit of improved performance, which is particularly important as a touring full face, the GT-Air 3 has better ventilation performance and by reducing the size of the integrated comms system attachment mechanism as in the NEOTEC 3, the integration with the helmet design has been enhanced.

Upper Air Intake

In order to pursue further improvement in ventilation performance, SHOEI has repeatedly refined the design of the upper air intake in SHOEI’s own large wind tunnel facility. The shape of the front edge and ribs of the base parts and shutter design makes the inflow of riding wind to a helmet more efficient. In addition, the newly designed vent makes it easy to distinguish between opening and closing and improves handling.

Top Air Outlet

The top air outlet is positioned forward compared with the predecessor, where there is highest flow velocity which in turn increases the outflow. Combined with the upper air intake, the ventilation efficiency is improved overall.

Lower Air Intake

The lower air intake is designed for easy handling even with winter gloves, which is common to the GT-AIR series.
The air taken inside a helmet runs inside the shield, and it functions as a demister to reduce the fogging of the shield.

In addition to the demister function, a part of the air taken from the lower air intake is introduced to the mouth when the breath guard is attached. That makes riding in hot weather more comfortable. A removable filter helps to prevent insects from entering.

Visor / Shield

The GT-Air 3 introduces the new CNS-1C shield which now has a center locking mechanism.  By placing the shield lock in the center, the deflection when opening and closing the shield is minimised and the shield adjustment difference between left and right side is reduced.  A rib is added to the bottom part of the shield, increasing rigidity in order to reduce the deflection when opening and closing. Combined with the center locking mechanism, smooth visor handling is realized. In addition, by changing the height of the rib on the upper part of the shield from 1.0 mm to 1.4 mm, interference with the window beading when the anti-fog sheet is fitted is prevented.  A clear Pinlock anti-fog insert is included.

Sun Visor

An inner movable sun visor enables the rider to instantly switch from a smoked to a clear field of view when the riding environment changes suddenly, such as when entering a tunnel. The GT-AIR 3 is equipped with a QSV-2 sun visor with high optical characteristics with low distortion, which has a quality comparable to the European sunglasses standard EN1836.


The interior surface fabric is a hybrid of moisture-absorbing, quick-drying fabric and raised fabric. Moisture-absorbing quick-drying fabric is placed on areas that are prone to sweating, such as the forehead and cheeks and raised fabric is placed on areas near bottom of the helmet that rubs against the skin when wearing and removing the helmet, achieving improved comfort and optimal wear resistance.


The new micro ratchet chin strap introduced to the NEOTEC 3 is also introduced to GT-AIR 3. Made of stainless steel, it has a safety design that can be released only when at a certain opening degree or more. The design allows the rider to fasten and release the chin strap even while wearing gloves. The new strap part is made of high-strength, high-elasticity, high-performance fibers, which ensure strength while allowing a narrower design, giving more comfort to the neck.

Integrated Communication System Attachment Mechanism (SHOEI COMLINK)

As a SHOEI COMLINK model, the GT-AIR 3 is equipped with an exclusively designed communication system attachment mechanism, which is the same as the NEOTEC 3. “SHOEI COMLINK” is the concept for SHOEI helmets for which exclusively designed communication systems are available.

By miniaturizing the bluetooth system, the integration with the helmet design has been enhanced, thereby giving a low profile and smooth finish. The fact that the telecommunications system is exclusively designed for the helmet, it is easy to install without any unnecessary wiring.


EPS Liner
The impact absorbing liner provides the most efficient overall impact absorbing performance by arranging the liner with the optimum density at each part.

AIM Shell
Based on a multilayered structure of strong glass fiber and organic fiber, the AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) is a high-performance shell structure designed exclusively by SHOEI, light in weight yet rigid in elasticity. The GT-Air 3 offers a level of safety that easily meets the stringent standards of each country. SHOEI is uncompromising in our position to maintain a uniform level of safety with every one of our products, while pursuing rigidity and lighter weight.

The Shoei GT-Air 3 is ECE22/06 Certified.

This Helmet is supplied with a Clear Visor and a Clear Pinlock® Insert as Standard.