This digital single portable controller can be used with the heated jackets, vests, trousers and socks. This controller allows the user to tailor the heat to there own specific needs. It has four different heat settings (see More Information) Simply press the large central button to change the heat. The colour of the button will change to indicate different heat settings.

If using with our Dual Circuit Jacket Liners and you connect your Gerbing Heated Gloves into the sleeves then you will also require a Gerbing Y-Splitter cable to join the two circuits together, into which you will connect the single controller. However this will mean that your Jacket and gloves/accessories will all operate at the same temperature. For independent heat settings you will require either the Dual Portable Controller or the Digital Temperature Controller depending on glove type.

The cables are completely safe in all weather conditions. The unit is designed to be temporarily fitted to your belt or bike or simply popped in your pocket.