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Women’s full-grain leather waterproof motorcycle shoes. Comfortable, resistant and protective, asymmetrical Groundtrax® soles.


Motorcycle shoes made of fine full-grain leather, designed with respect for the ergonomics of female feet.

Extremely versatile in terms of weather conditions due to their waterproofing, Metractive Woman D-WP Shoes are comfortable when riding and walking, for use in any urban setting.

The Groundtrax® asymmetrical soles with differentiated gear and brake areas provide ideal levels of stability, grip and traction, increasing safety levels. The soles are also designed to guarantee resistance to deformation on impact.

Safety is combined with extreme comfort when walking, due to their low weight, which makes Metractive Woman D-WP Shoes suitable for everyday use. The Ortholite® insole guarantees maximum breathability and long-lasting cushioning.