Please note this is helmet is an older model.

Arai Tour-X 4 – Catch

Arai has made the Tour-X 4 to be an adventure helmet that can tackle any condition no matter how extreme. The outer shell has been redesigned to be stronger and tougher. The Super fibre laminate construction of the outer shell works alongside the triple density inner shell to protect against impacts and shock. This is invaluable for when riding off-road where falling is a big risk due to the bad terrain. Arai’s hyper ridge that reinforces the bottom of the shell for added strength and rigidity.

The ventilation system has also been redesigned for even better performance. Vents on the chin and brow provide a fresh supply of cool air evenly into the helmet. But this air doesn’t just fill the helmet to make it warm and stuffy. The ventilation on the top of the helmet uses diffusers to exhaust air out of the helmet. This means you’ll stay cool and comfortable even if the temperatures rise.

If you are a rider who wants a helmet that will stand up to anything you throw at it the Arai Tour-X 4 is perfect for you.


  • Outer shell constructed from laminate Super Fibre for great protection
  • The Inner shell is made with multiple densities for added shock absorption
  • Arai’s hyper ridge reinforces the bottom of the shell for increased rigidity
  • Chin and brow vents provide a fresh supply of air which is then exhausted by the rear vents and diffusers to keep you constantly cool and comfortable
  • Emergency Release System designed to remove the helmet quickly in the event of an accident
  • Peak visor designed to push cool air into the forehead vents keeping you cool
  • Relief points on the peak visor are made to reduce buffeting at high speeds
  • Peak visor is removable to modify the helmet as you decide
  • Arai’s Facial Contour System is a set of cheek pads that offer spring action for added comfort and makes putting the helmet on easier