Alpinestars Supertech R10 – Solid

The Alpinestars Supertech R10 is a top-spec road and race helmet, ECE 22.06 & FIM homologated, with a 3K carbon shell, interchangeable rear spoilers and A-Head System.

Embarking on a mission to challenge the road helmet status quo, Alpinestars introduces the groundbreaking Supertech R10: the italian brands first full-face road racing helmet. Drawing on 60 years of world-class innovation across all fields of motorsport and designed in Alpinestars’ Asolo R&D helmet department, the S-R10 is packed with advanced features to ensure aerodynamic stability, internal airflow, a customizable fit, and maximum comfort.

Homologated to ECE 22.06, DOT, and FIM standards, the S-R10 features a multi-layer composite Carbon shell bonded together with advanced epoxy resin used in carbon car racing chassis to maximize strength, mechanical performance, and weight ratio. Inside the shell is a multi-denisty EPS liner, consisting of eight sections and six different densities for optimal impact absorption and to reduce rotational acceleration, akin to an MIPS system.

Designed for optimal performance and protection, the helmet boasts an optimized chin bar for maximum collarbone protection. The aerodynamically efficient shell includes a recess at the collarbone area to maintain a softer volume upon body contact, and the shells lower profile is designed to better protect the riders collarbone in a heavy impact.

The Supertech R10 includes two interchangeable open-backed rear spoilers: a short one for the road and a longer version designed for us with leather suit humps, reducing drag by an extra 4.45%. The lateral side wings and a sculpted top visor edge improve streamlined airflow, stabilizing the rider’s head in various positions and minimizing wind buffering, fatigue, and neck strain.

The ECE 22.06 visor features an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating, with varying thickness for optical clarity (1.6mm on the sides to 2.6mm in the centre), and pins to attach the included Max Vision Pinlock. Engineered for a cinematic movement, the visor seals perfectly against the shells rubber window trim. The shield mechanism features a robust metal lock to secure and prevent the visor from lifting during a crash, complemented by a metal quick-release visor mechanism for maximum strength.

For airflow, the S-R10 features seven passive intake vents: four at the top of the helmet, including a large central slider at the top of the head, two adjustable vents in the chin guard, and a removable rubber bung revealing a third chin vent below the shield lock. To release humidity, the helmets boasts four exhausts vents: two extractor ports on the chin bar and two exhausts under the rear spoiler.

Alpinestars patented A-Head System offers a custom, tailor-made fit. Consisting of an interior crown pad adjustable to three stages at the front and back, the A-Head fitment system allows you to alter both the height and angle the helmet sits on your head to your preference for maximum vision.

The soft interior lining is removable and washable for maximum comfort, with interior channels in the cheek pads to accommodate glasses wearers and a hydration tube. With four shell sizes for optimal fit and weight (XS-S, M, L, XL-XXL), this Alpinestars helmet also features emergency release cheek pads, a stainless-steel DD ring-secured helmet strap to enhance safety, and both a clear and dark smoke visor in the box.


  •   ECE 22.06 & FIM homologated.
  • Multi-layer composite Carbon shell with advanced epoxy resin.
  • Multi-density EPS liner with eight sections and six densities.
  • Wind tunnel tested aerodynamic performance with two winglets.
  • Optimised chin bar for maximum collar bone protection.
  • Recess at the collar bone area.
  • Lower profile for enhanced collarbone protection.
  • Lateral side wings and sculpted top visor edge.
  • Interchangeable rear spoilers.
  • A-Head Fitment System.
  • Optical Class 1, anti-scratch and anti-fog visor ( ECE 22.06 rated)
  • 11-point ventilation system.
  • Robust metal lock shield mechanism.
  • Metal quick-release visor mechanism.
  • Max Vision Pinlock included.
  • Four shell sizes (XS-S, M, L, XL-XXL).

Includes in box:

  • Alpinestars S-R10 Helmet.
  • Clear visor.
  • Light smoke visor.
  • Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog lens.
  • Tear Offs.
  • Breath Deflector.
  • Road spoiler.
  • Helmet bag.