new suzuki gsx-8r
new suzuki gsx-8r

Suzuki GSX-8R

Price: £8,899 OTR

Power: 82.9 PS

Kerb mass: 205 kg

Torque: 78Nm @ 6,800rpm

Engine capacity: 776cc

Engine: 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC

Fuel capacity: 14.0 litres

Seat height: 810 mm

MPG: 67.23

  • 82.9PS parallel twin engine
  • Quickshifter, traction control, riding modes
  • Colour TFT display
  • Sporty superbike design
  • LED lights
  • New frame and swingarm

A new era for sportsbikes, where superbike looks combine with real-world performance and usability. A punchy engine packed with torque, housed in an agile, responsive chassis, with performance enhanced by a sophisticated suite of electronics for an unrivalled experience on the road or track.

A new engine for a new era of sportsbikes, the new GSX-8R uses Suzuki’s new parallel twin engine, which delivers torque in abundance across the rev range, provides an exciting character and feeling thanks to its 270-degree crankshaft design, and enables a slim chassis design thanks to its compact layout.

The new 776cc, DOHC, parallel twin engine with four valves per cylinder features a long-stroke configuration that delivers a fine balance of smooth, controllable power from low rpm and the enjoyable feeling of free-revving performance through to the top end. The engine features a 270° crankshaft design, which delivers a smooth ride with lots of torque, positive traction, and a unique, thrilling rumble.


The assist function leverages precision-engineered ramps to force the clutch boss and pressure plate together and efficiently transfer torque to the rear wheel under acceleration, all while using softer clutch springs. The slipper clutch partially disengages when downshifting and decelerating to mitigate the effect of engine braking and provides smoother deceleration, which enables the rider to shift down with greater confidence and maintain better control.

This patented biaxial primary balancer positions its two balancers at 90° to the crankshaft, marking a first among production motorcycles. This patented mechanism suppresses vibration to contribute to smooth operation, and it also helps achieve a lightweight powerplant that is more compact from front to rear.

Balancer no.1 cancels the primary vibration generated by the piston (reciprocating weight) of the first cylinder, while balancer no.2 cancels the primary vibration of the second cylinder. Adopting a 270° crankshaft angle cancels secondary vibration, contributing to even smoother engine operation. Furthermore, placing the two balancers at 90° to the crankshaft with each positioned equidistant from the crankshaft cancels primary couple vibration.

Designed as to pair perfectly with the parallel twin engine platform and made from steel tube sections with optimised rigidity, the frame is engineered to contribute to agile handling, to provide excellent straight-line stability, and to perform equally in urban environments or on more sporty rides on twistier roads. The headlight assembly is mounted directly to the frame, reducing the amount of weight carried by the handlebars to make the GSX-8R even more controllable and provide a more neutral feel to the steering. In addition, the exposed seat rails are engineered to support the rider, and also to contribute to the GSX-8R’s slim appearance and sporty, functional appeal.

suzuki gsx-8r

Featuring a long wheelbase to enhance straight line stability, with other chassis design elements ensuring agile handling and cornering ability, and a slim, compact design. A key priority was to provide a sporty riding position that effectively distributes weight to the front and rear, providing a plugged-in riding experience, while also offering comfort. New separate aluminium handlebars help achieve this by providing a forward-leaning riding position. In addition, the parallel twin engine benefits the geometry because its compact front-rear dimensions allow it to position the rider’s hip point further forward. This, in turn, enables the rider to shift their weight forward and more easily control the GSX-8R when negotiating tight corners.

Radially-mounted front brake calipers biting 310mm floating discs provide strong stopping power and predictable braking performance. The rear brake uses a 240mm disc and a single-piston pin-slide caliper.

Showa SFF-BP (Separate Function Fork – Big Piston) inverted front forks allows for the elimination of the cartridge on one side and makes it possible to increase the size of the piston. The structure not only reduces weight, but also features stable damping characteristics. The link-type mono-shock at the rear, with preload adjuster, is set up to contribute to straight-line stability and a smooth, controllable ride.

Cast aluminium wheels contribute to agile handling and visually enhance the sporty poise of the GSX-8R. Dunlop RoadSport 2 radial tyres – 120/70ZR17 at the front, 180/55ZR17 at the rear – are designed to perform optimally in all conditions and provide sure grip. The internal construction features a carcass and belt layer tuned to achieve the right level of rigidity to match the weight and performance characteristics of the GSX-8R, and to deliver the right combination of agility and stability. Dunlop’s proven tread pattern employs a silica compound that enhances positive grip in wet conditions and features durable wear resistance. These wheels and tyres work in harmony with the front and rear suspension settings to provide positive feedback, agile handling and neutral steering, and a plush ride.

The GSX-8R uses a highly attractive aluminium swingarm with a unique shape that is engineered to perform with the right amount of vertical, lateral, and torsional rigidity providing sure handling stability and greater ride comfort.

The GSX-8R uses forged aluminium, separate handlebars. The use of aluminium not only minimises weight, but the pressure applied in the forging process also contributes to creating highly rigid components. The lower, more forward placement of the handlebars provides a sportier riding position, placing more of the rider’s weight over the front wheel.

The rider’s seat is designed for sporty riding. Delivering support for the rider toward its rear edge, the seat is shaped to offer freedom of movement and is covered in a material that provides positive grip. Featuring a slim design, the smoothly rounded edges of the seat also make it easier for the rider to plant their feet on the ground when stopped.

The windscreen and cowl for the GSX-8R was developed through extensive wind tunnel testing to aid aerodynamic performance and help reduce fatigue on long rides by cutting wind noise and preventing buffeting. The cowl-mounted mirrors are designed and tested to enhance aerodynamic performance and wind protection. With a sharp design they compliment sporty styling.

The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS) is a collection of advanced electronic rider assist systems, which allow the rider to choose the settings for each system to best suit their preference or to suit the conditions. SIRS helps enhance an already exciting riding experience that inspires confidence and frees riders to concentrate on enjoying the ride.


The Bi-directional Quick Shift System allows riders to shift up without closing the throttle or downshift without blipping it, so removes the need to operate the clutch lever once the bike is in gear and moving.

The system automatically interrupts power delivery when accelerating and maintaining steady speed just long enough to unload the transmission gear dogs, thereby producing a smoother ride and uninterrupted acceleration when the rider shifts up. When decelerating the system automatically opens the throttle valves just enough to increase rpm and match engine speed to the next-lower gear ratio without manually blipping the throttle or using the clutch

SDMS leverages the electronic throttle control system to offer a choice between three modes that deliver different power characteristics to match the riding conditions or preferred riding style. The settings for each mode were thoroughly tested to maximise the GSX-8R’s performance in various scenarios.

Mode A (Active) provides the sharpest throttle response as the throttle is opened. Settings for torque characteristics are tuned to deliver exciting acceleration and fully-leverage the engine’s power. It is well suited for enjoying sporty rides in good weather.

Mode B (Basic) reaches the same level of maximum output, but features a more linear curve with softer throttle response. Planned as an ideal setting for touring or commuting, this mode is a good fit for a wide range of riding styles and road conditions.

Mode C (Comfort) provides the softest throttle response and more gentle torque characteristics. This is particularly beneficial when touring for long distances, when riding with a passenger, when riding on wet or otherwise slippery surfaces, when road conditions are bad, or even when the rider wants to relax.

STCS for the GSX-8R enables the rider to better control the bike in diverse and varying conditions, such as riding in inclement weather, and instils greater confidence regardless of the rider’s level of experience. The rider can select from three modes or turn the system off. The higher the number of the mode selected, the faster the control takes effect and the more proactive the system is in limiting wheel spin.

new suzuki gsx8r

The GSX-8R uses a 5-inch colour TFT display. Clearly legible high-quality information displays keep you fully aware of all the bike’s systems and settings, and supply vital real-time operating status information. The tachometer also serves as a programmable engine rpm indicator. It blinks when the engine speed reaches the preset rpm entered by the rider. It can be set in 250rpm increments within a range from 4,000rpm to 9,750rpm with a function that lets you display large pop-up alerts and reminder. Manual or automatic switching settings for the day (white) and night (black) display modes let you maximise visibility at any hour and in any riding situation.

The styling for the new GSX-8R is based on the three core phrases: new era, visual structure, and icon. New era reflects a further evolution of the futuristic design language introduced on the GSX-8S. The goal was to create a thoroughly modern interpretation of sportbike styling compelling enough to set a trend for an exciting new generation of motorcycles ready to carry the Suzuki brand into the future. Visual structure reflects the ideology of exposing the bike’s functional parts and painting them to put a spotlight on the visceral appeal of the structural elements, and highlight the mechanical appeal of functional beauty. Highlights include details such as the separate handlebars, the painted seat rails, aluminium wheels, the short muffler design and the slim rear mudguard. Icon symbolises the respect Suzuki’s designers paid to the iconic GSX-R series design and over the 35-year-plus heritage of the GSX-R range, even while working to create a thoroughly modern interpretation. One example of the tribute to GSX-R styling is the front fairing design. Though related to the GSX-R series in terms of DNA, the GSX-8R presents a fresh new face that symbolises the future of Suzuki sportbike design. All combined, the styling creates an appealing, new, mass-forward, aggressive look that is slim, compact, well-balanced, and ready for action.

The vertically stacked pair of hexagonal LED headlights use a bright mono-focus light source that provides the rider with a clear view of the road ahead. In terms of design, the vertical orientation of the thin, compact headlight assembly topped by an LED position light creates a sharp look with unique character that makes the front end look light and ready for action.

The LED rear combination light and LED licence plate light are mounted on the slim rear mudguard and make for a sporty design that results in the GSX-8R looking short, slim, and light at the rear.

colour tft display


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