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Royal Alloy TG 300cc S LC ABS

Price: £5,449 OTR

Power: 16.6kw

Kerb mass: 142kg

Torque: 23.0Nm @ 6,000rpm

Engine capacity: 278cc

Engine: TBC

Fuel capacity: 11.0 litres

Seat height: 770mm


  • Based on the original TV175 series 2 model
  • Curvy horncast and scalloped side panels
  • Gem eye headset
  • New powerful 300 engine
  • Anti-dive fron suspension
  • Bosch ABS braking

Single colour £5,449 OTR

Dual colour £5,549 OTR

Tigara Grande! Why TG or Tigara Grande? The TG is based upon the styling of the original TV175 series 2 model, in particular the ‘curvy horncast and scalloped side panels, the large front fender & the unique ‘Gem Eye’ built intoo the headset. It would not be appropriate to simply our latest Royal Alloy a ‘TV’ but instead dream up a new name that reflects the huge effort & investment that has gone into creating a new flagship model – after many hours of deep thought and consideration of the process we created a rather different yet familiar title, the TG. What’s in a name? Royal Alloy in it’s formative days had to fight hard to survive, every day seemed to bring new challenges, many were extremely tough and drawn out but we battled on. At times it was easy to ask ourselves what is the point? and quite Frankly that is where the name TG really originates.

tg300 s lc abs

Royal Alloy TG 300cc S LC ABS – The Flagship Vintage Scooter

Tigara Grande – Tigara is an old native Inuit word meaing ‘point’ and Grande is obviously a synonym for big, there fore Tigara Grande is Royal Alloys ‘Big Point’ We feel that all of our earlier efforts were finally worth it, so today we are proud to present to the world the Roayl Alloy Tigara Grande, a real classic in the making. Spring 2020 For the very first time in recent history the consumer can enjoy a truly authentic retro scooter that is made of steel! It does not stop there – the Royal Alloy range features a vast array of reliable and proven powerplants with a new powerful 300 to arrive on the market in the last quarter of 2019. All machines feature advanced anti-dive front suspension, all machines have safe combined braking systems or ‘Bosch’ ABS. The Royal Alloy range is truly unique in being the only British brand that provides a complete portfolio of ‘Real’ Retro’ scooters for the modern rider

TG 300 Features

  • Distinctive Tigara Grande 125 badge
  • Stylish Royal Alloy nose design
  • Specially designed front fender
  • Classic scooter styling throughout
  • Royal Alloy saddle and glovebox integrated
  • Contemporary LED headlight with classic lines
  • 278cc Liquid Cooled Engine, 1 Cyl, 4V, 4T, Euro 4 Compliant, Magnetti Marelli EFI

Video for the Royal Alloy TG 300cc S LC ABS

Royal Alloy TG 300cc S LC ABS Gallery

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