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Motorcycle RiderTraining

Learn to ride with JW Groombridge Motorcycle Training

We have our own training school offering instruction for:

  • Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

  • A1 and A2 licences

  • Direct Access (DAS)

CBTs are conducted on Saturdays only.  Other training is available on weekdays and weekends. For more information email:

We offer a comprehensive service and you can choose to use one of our latest model, specially prepared training school machines, or you can use your own bike providing it is suitable for the category of training selected. We have a full range of personal protective clothing (apart from footwear) available for loan, free of charge if you do not have your own.  Click here to view the Customer Service Pledge for our training school.  We are currently working towards achieving MCIAC accreditation.




A1 per day

A1 half day

DAS + A2 per day

DAS + A2 half day

A1 Package

DAS + A2 Package

ERS per day

ERS half day


Using JWG bike






£790 (1)

£890 (1)




Own bike*






£690 (1)

£790 (1)




(1) 5 days training which includes to & from both tests and practical test fees but not CBT.
* Student is responsible for own fuel, insurance, damage and other liabilities of machine use.
Training Offers
Book and pay for any training course with J.W Groombridge for a 10% discount on all clothing and helmet purchases.  This offer is valid for 60 days from the date of booking.
The bikes we use for training:  We use new motorcycles from the Suzuki and Kawasaki ranges.  They are mostly less than twelve months old so our customers do not have to worry about a machine that does not work properly.  Our technicians check and maintain all machines on a regular basis.

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